Video that Showcases Progression of Dementia

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En route to finding a video that would showcase, in a realistic manner, the challenges of advanced dementia, I came across this very compelling video and story.

The story is of a woman with early-onset dementia, whose husband-caregiver, chronicled her experience in the most vivid of manners, beginning with who she was prior to the illness, how they discovered the illness, and how the progression of disease affected her.  Along the way there are some very poignant examples of effective nursing and rehabilitation care approaches (these do not appear until about 25" into the program, but are well worth waiting for).

Consider looking at this along with Melanie Bunn and Teepa Snow's GEMS of cognition -- to see if you can identify those various levels of cognitive function.

The human story is simply incredible...what a treasure this family has left for us in these videos!