Welcome to the Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence


How satisfied are you with the care outcomes of older adults? Your answer may be: …Just great! We give world-class care to older adults…. OR …Not so great – we experiences challenges every day…. OR …Just fine..but we would like to find out how to stay current and keep our edge. Regardless of your answer – we believe the Duke Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence will be of interest to you.

The rapid graying of communities in America and across the globe is challenging health care as never before. We have established this site to make it easier for healthcare professionals to share their experiences and expertise as they face challenges in the care of older adults. The community also welcomes contributions from all members of the health care team, including seniors and their family members, as we know that senior care at its best involves a highly diverse team.

First: Many, if not most professionals, have not received formal education in care of older adults. Join Us and we will Learn Together.

Second: Gero-focused healthcare professionals lack a venue where they can routinely interact with one another to consider how they/we might implement changes to improve practice and patient experiences and outcomes. Join Us and Connect with Colleagues through joining a group or groups, or start your own group!

Third: Many healthcare professionals are called upon to teach others yet they typically have little formal preparation in education, and many educators may not have gero-clinical competencies. Join Us and Contibute your Expertise to Help Develop Each Other. (See links to explorethelor.org and pogoe.org)

Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the pace of getting evidence-based care practices to those who can benefit, and expand access to specialty expertise in senior care to improve care outcomes. We are grateful for the initial support from The Duke Endowment and the current support of the Health Resources and Services Administration of the US Department of Health and Human Services who have seen the importance of using innovative technology to bring together diverse healthcare professionals. We hope you will take a moment to login, consider engaging in one or more "groups" regarding current challenges in care of seniors and share your ideas about priorities, approaches, and application of new evidence.

Ellie McConnell