Opportunities to Expand your Gero-Knowledge and Skills


Professional Development Opportunities


The Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence offers and supports a variety of professional development programs. The various continuing education programs target clinicians, educators, faculty, administrators and researchers in diverse roles and settings, from direct caregivers seeking to enhance their knowledge of gerontology, to nurse researchers seeking to improve their teaching skills.

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DUSON Academic Programs

DUSON’s strong history in advancing the care of older adults

Gerontology has been an area of strength within the School of Nursing since the 1960’s, when faculty member Dr. Virginia Stone established the nation’s first gerontological master degree program.  Support from the National Institutes of Health in 2000 helped to create the Trajectories of Aging and Care Center, directed by Dr. Ruth Anderson, Dr. Elizabeth Clipp, and Dr. Eleanor McConnell—each an expert in the field of gerontology nursing and research.  This rich history and continued leadership in gerontological nursing gave rise to the Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence in 2008 with support from The Duke Endowment and the Duke University School of Nursing.

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Search on-line repositories for gero-teaching-learning resources


NCLOR:North Carolina Learning Object Repository   http://explorethelor.org/

The Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence partnered with NCLOR in the development of the Duke Gero Collection. The collection allows the gero-community to share best practices, tools, resources and references with one another. Items contributed to the Duke Gero Collection are reviewed by faculty or clinical affiliates of the CGNE. Once reviewed and accepted each resource will display the Duke University School of Nursing logo.

POGOe:Portal of Geriatrics Online Education  http://www.pogoe.org/


Additional On-line Educational Resources

Center for Aging and Human Development   http://www.geri.duke.edu/resources-a-links                          
DUSOM Resource for Geriatrics Issues  http://careinaging.duke.edu/longtermcare
The American Geriatrics Society: Health in Aging    http://www.healthinaging.org/                                
The American Geriatrics Society Recommendations  http://www.americangeriatrics.org/health_care_professionals/                                                                                      GeriU training materials  http://ltc.geriu.org                                     
AMDA's Clinical Corners  http://www.amda.com/tools/clinicalcorners.cfm

U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs Information http://www.va.gov/landing2_vetsrv.htm