End of Life Care

Dialogue how to assist providers and family to recognize diseases causing dementia, such as Alzheimer's Disease, as a terminal illness, and explore opportunities to strengthen end-of-life care.

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http://www.acpdecisions.org/video-sample/Here's an idea that was discussed during the 3rd day of the Grand Challenge in Dementia Care Institute Workshop:
What if we were to improve dementia care providers understanding and skill in end-of-life care approaches by reaching out to a local palliative care or hospice organization, and explore what is currently available to prepare staff and family members?

How many of you have heard of TED lectures?  Turns out, the Robert Wood Johnson foundation has developed a version for healthcare, that focuses on issues that interest us as well!  Take a look at this discussion forum!




In addition to this blog, there is an interactive conversation (one hour long) on living wills and advanced care conversations:

I just recently read an article called Clinical Considerations in End-Stage Dementia.
I thought this was very well written and discusses polypharmacy management and Geriatric Syndromes.

Check it out:   http://nurse-practitioners-and-physician-assistants.advanceweb.com/Conti...

The link below addresses the following topics in End of Life Care:

Common Physical Changes

Emotional Issues

Spiritual Issues

Possible Strategies for These Issues

Making Legal and Financial Decisions

Making Decisions about Medical Care

Palliative Care

Taking Care of Yourself

Supportive Resources


From The Alzheimer Society

Information on End of Life Care

The Canadian Alzheimer's Association has a useful series of resources for lay people to explain changes that often occur at the end of life. The table below shows an excerpt from a resource that is linked below.



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Jennifer Pendergrass, a hospital-based care manager, and one of our GGCI participants, alerted me to this outstanding video segment that is designed to help people understand the importance of having conversations early about end-of-life care.  On November 14th, during our 4th Geriatric Grand Challenge Institute workshop, Jennifer will share some of her thoughts about how we might connect this resource with improved discussions about end-of-life care and decision-making in dementia.