Environmental Health Hazards

Jun 09 2015

As the summer begins, the EPA has easy to read fact sheets for caregivers regarding environmental health issues.

Idea from Adam Sandler film used to soothe dementia patients

Apr 22 2015


For 94-year-old Louise Irving, who suffers from dementia, waking up every day to a video with a familiar face and a familiar voice seems to spark a flicker of recognition.

"Good morning, merry sunshine, how did you wake so soon?" Irving's daughter, Tamara Rusoff-Hoen, sings in a video playing from a laptop wheeled to her mother's nursing home bedside.

Hendrix Receives First NHCGNE / HGNL Innovation Award

Jan 09 2015

~~The National Hartford Centers of Gerontological Nursing Excellence (NHCGNE) and the Hartford Gerontological Nursing Leaders (HGNL) have awarded Cristina Hendrix the first-ever NHCGNE / HGNL Innovation Award for her project entitled "The TransitionaL Care (TLC) Program: Supporting Older Veterans and their Caregivers After Hospital Discharge." The purpose of the award is to highlight the innovative ways in which NHCGNE and HGNL members are adv

Eleanor McConnell named to HRSA National Advisory Panel

Jan 01 2015

~~Dr. Eleanor McConnell was recently named as one of 15 experts on a National Advisory Panel for the Health Resources and Services Administration on development of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) Uniform Curriculum.

Representation at the Gerontological Society of America's Annual Scienitfic Meeting

Nov 11 2014

The Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence faculty was well represented at this year's Gerontological Society of America's Annual Scientific Meeting

 Effects of Enhanced Caregiver Training Program on Cancer Caregiver’s Self-Efficacy, Preparedness, and Psychological Well-Being
Cristina C. Hendrix1, 2, Donald Bailey1, Karen Steinhauser3, 4, Maren Olsen5, James Tulsky3, 4