Professional Development Opportunities

The Center of Excellence in Geriatric Nursing Education offers and supports a variety of professional development programs. The various programs target clinicians, educators, faculty, administrators and researchers in diverse roles and settings, from direct caregivers seeking to enhance their knowledge of gerontology, to nurse researchers seeking to improve their teaching skills.

Clinical Instructor Development Intensive



The Duke Clinical Instructor Development Intensive is offered in collaboration with the DUSON Institute for Educational Excellence.  It is an on-site experience that combines directed learning activities, small group discussions, and lab simulation case studies to promote excellence in the provision of clinical instruction in diverse settings.

Target Audience:

New and experienced clinical instructors who wish to enhance their clinical teaching competencies, and their knowledge of evidence based practice.

Primary Objectives:

  1. Enhance participants' application of teaching learning principles in the clinical setting.
  2. Discuss feedback and coaching techniques, including evaluative processes.
  3. Expand participant's knowledge of evidence based practice.

Location:Duke University School of Nursing, 307 Trent Drive, Durham NC


August 2013, dates to be determined



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