International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research on Long-term Care and Healthy Aging

Apr 25 2014

The international “Interdisciplinary Research on Long-term Care and Healthy Aging Conference” is to be held April 28-29, 2014 at the Duke University School of Nursing. The conference is offered through the Education and Research in China (ERIC) project, which is funded by the provost’s office. The overarching goal of the conference is to promote ongoing and emerging collaborations among DUSON, other University-level partners, and diverse University, Governmental and Clinical partners in China. Population aging worldwide accompanied by the rapid growth of the oldest-old is unavoidable. Such trends raise fundamental questions: whether it will be accompanied by a compression, expansion, or dynamic equilibrium of disability and morbidity? What are the factors which may affect older adults’ health status and the process of population healthy aging? What kind of policy reactions and program interventions to providing better long-term care for disabled elderly need to be taken to respond to the serious challenges of population aging? Adequately addressing these questions will improve quality of life not only for the elderly but for all members of society. Please join us and our distinguished international presenters and guests, to explore these very important, universal issues. Contact Michelle Mitchell, ( for more information.